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KNOW YOUR NAGARATHARS web-site is a dream child AN.Srinivasan – Chettinadu Web Hosting. The administrators feel the need of unity. “Unity is Strength” which is exemplified in Tamil “ஒன்று பட்டால் உண்டு வாழ்வு”. They also feel that the growth of our community as a whole will only be healthy and a welcome move in the present situation of stiff competition.

These two goals namely unity and growth can be attained only by knowing the famous people in our community who have achieved and stand as role models and are willing to help those who aspire such achievements. Nagarathars is a small community with around 150,000- 160,000 population spread all over the globe. We feel proud to know that there will be no country worth the name where they have not settled. Migrating nature is in their blood.
    We therefore have decided to publish in our web-site the particulars of famous Nagarathars who are achievers in their own fields. They are chosen from all fields: The professionals like Judges, Religious, leaders, lawyers, Doctors, Industrialists, Educationists, Tamil Scholars, Scientists, Publishers, IT Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Social workers, Writers, Columnists etc. The list will not be final at any point of time and it will be up-dated then and there. We have started our long journey today by taking our first step- step of unity and growth. வாழ்க நகரத்தார் – வளர்க வளம் மிக்க நகரத்தார்.


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"Hello, AN. Srinivasan, as we discussed today morning I once again state that I am very happy to hear that you are doing a yo men service by creating and managing the Nagarathar website. Really it will help us in many ways, certainly work as a handy Nagarathar Yellow Page."

A. Palaniappan
"I have been going through KYN website, definitely it is a great start. Our community people have to make use of this website to share their information, profiles & what they have been doing. It would be indeed needed for the younger generation to know the strength of our community & the value system we have."
PL. Subramanian
IT Industry

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